Simple construction Fog

January 15th, 2014.

Salvador speaks English very well. He is intelligent in so far as reading the form plywood and panels, rigging the super studs, and completing his typical 4 daily tasks – Other than that I have no frame of reference. I like to think he is a genius and hard worker – He prefers to keep his life simple, pure genius.

He has a twin brother Rafael that works with him every day. They always wear atlas work gloves and use ear plugs. They drive to the site in a blue dodge durango and  leave the same way; Danner boots muddied, Muckboots folded over; two differences to their arrival – two paper 16 oz coffee cups emptied, two coleman coolers smudged with form oil and clay. I have only seen them in safety orange and neon green.

Salvador always smiles at me when I talk to him. Even when I ask him about the panel conditions, filler panels and she bolt patterns.  He is serious and good at his job but my intuition and interaction with Sal tells me nothing is more important than it should be. His work is simple in the grand scheme of things, this is not an implication or judgment of him as a person nor his intelligence.

Simplicity is the most sought after principle in our world, few can achieve it. His job has levity, consequence, and importance – yet when I talk with him, I forget these things, even about my job.

Sometimes, usually only for a time counted in seconds, I love my job. 

Simple construction Fog


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