there are three of us that provide the push and drive to this zine: chester, andrew, and sarah. we are not poets by trade. we are poetasters by practice and we are writing as much as we can.

we needed to give our craft context. to put our poetry and writings into not just the world but an intentional  community. this zine is our stride at doing that, it is purpose.

we want to build a community, of poetasters and writers, drive by passion, spurred by beauty, revealers of life’s love – all amidst a culture that seems to pull away from that. the culture we exist in pulls away from collective elements of living. we want to make friends and lovers from strangers and enemies, along with everyone else in between.

humor us, join us, love us, ridicule us, just read and be affected one way or another.

– the empire builders

the builders. left to right. andrew – chester – sarah.

andrew – as.

chester – cb.

sarah – sw.




4 thoughts on “us.

  1. Hello! I really like your blog and am following it. I’d love it if you’d have a look at mine- I am an aspiring author and it has all my stories on it. Gertrude Pickles xxx

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