44580011chester grew up in north eastern indiana. amongst corn and soybeans. garrett. all four seasons barraded through year after year. chester has always been a poet, but it was hidden in my hometown of indiana in cut grass.

“i was called to be on the move – coming into an ardent spirit – i ran – to the smallest college in the most prominent city in indiana. i studied science. i never slept and did everything that pretty girls lured me to or seemed like an adventure.

i scaled antennas and radio towers in night air and paddled down canals and rivers – even danced on bubbles and the moon.

i tumbled on the peaks in rocky mtn national. then rolled and stretched in the summer’s shelter and pinch of the yosemite valley. my eyes flung open to the west bound ocean pacificed – then – there – finally during the summer furlong of my 3rd year of “education” – there – then – i found the spirit of kerouac, robert johnson, and dylan but couldn’t name it… finally after being “educated” i was ready to be embodied in the heart of the west from dreams and visions. i went west – and i have lost my heart there – ever since. so here i am.

 daylighting as an engineer for a few years. moonlighting as a mountaineer, lift attendant and poet. i lived in portland. then new brunswick canada. finally seattle. the road called and i rambled on a steel steeded bicycle – stella. then from a suitcase and the back of my subaru i saw all the of the united states over one year. now back in seattle. i’m culling out a way to make my life poetic and passionate. to really live and eat at the same time.

see you out there – i’ll be the one smiling and falling in love with you.” ~ signed chester, but you can call me how you see it.


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