the empire.

what is the empire you may ask…

one.) the empire builder is an independent zine started during the winter of 2009 in seattle. andrew chester and sarah (the builders) sat in a loft in a bar with drinks and threw poetry into the air and the prosits grew wings. the zine was born.

two.) the empire builder is a train line from chicago to seattle.

three.) an empire builder is a person who makes art by assembling experiences from a range of sources.

four.) the empire builder is made up of writing that examines how the track affects choices, cities, senses, sleep, emotions, values, relationships, within our / your own existence.

four-point-five.) this track we speak of is the social attitude and expectation that whatever it is you’re doing, it had better prepare you for what’s next. on the track, lives become one logical step after another, an ongoing railroad line, chugging off to prosperity, prestige and possessions.  stepping off the track is not impossible; yet to do so, one cannot help but be keenly aware, and frequently reminded, that their life heads in the opposite direction of what society says is best. we believe stepping of the track is vital to a poetasters life.

five.) the empire builder operates with thoughtful knowledge and awareness of the track.

details.) when you meet anyone for the first time we bet one of their first three questions will be “So, what do you do?”

your answer as a reader and / or a contributor is “building an empire” – that is, are you on the track or aren’t you?

we want you to join us, we hope to inspire you to jump the rails, or run them with reckless abandon. we hope to be inspired by you, our readers. take a look at us, take a look at our work, look and pause before laying the next tye and listen for John Henry and the Spike Driver blues to bellow back at you.

29. You’re pure genius all the time– goes Jacky boy’s 29th rule of writing. in this spirit we present the empire builder zine.


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